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Creating an optimal vision and comfortable wearing by means of a RGP or soft contact lens? We are happy to customize our contact lenses for your customer. Check out the latest Retina contact lens; a unique contact lens geometry that closely approximates the ideal lens shape.

Whatever eye condition your customer has, we offer the right solution in both RGP and soft contact lenses. The Rose-K is the ideal contact lens for the first application in Keratoconus (irregular cornea).

Let your customer wear RGP lenses at night to enjoy their benefits during the day. In this way, the Ortho-K contact lens slows down progression and temporarily reduces myopia and astigmatism.

Tailor-made contact lenses

Dutch craft

UCO contact lenses is a Dutch craft. The Dutch supplier for customized contact lenses. For 50 years. Corrective lenses, medical lenses and night lenses. Both RGP and soft. The best technicians produce daily in our own laboratory on Dutch soil. All the knowledge in house to offer the right quality for you and your customers. Personal, flexible and reliable.

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