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The mini-scleral lens for various cornea shapes

Zenlens is a mini-scleral lens design that allows a wide range of cornea shapes to be measured from one single diagnostic set.

Spherical, Toric, Semi-scleral

Smart Curve Technology

The Zenlens has the patented ‘Smart Curve Technology’ which allows the primary adjustment parameters (Basic Curve, Limbale Clearance Curve and Peripheral Curves) to be adjusted independently without affecting the effective sagitta of the lens. Smart Curve Technology makes it easier than traditional scleral lenses to change the fit within specific areas of the Zen lens with the proviso that the total shape of the lens is only determined by the specified sagitta value.


With the Zenlens a wide range of corneal shapes can be measured, including keratoconus, refractive surgery, corneal transplants and other forms of irregular cornea. Zenlens is available in both central deep for K.C. (Prolate) and central flat for irregular cornea (Oblate).

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