Zenlens RC

Correcting contact lens

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    12 months

The mini-scleral lens for a wide range of corneal shapes

Zenlens RC is a mini-scleral lens design that allows the contact lens specialist to adjust a wide range of cornea shapes and sizes from a single diagnostic set.

Spherical, Toric, Mini-scleral


  • Intolerance for soft lenses
  • Under unfavourable working conditions (i.e. dusty)


The Zen RC lens gives a mini-scleral option. Specially developed for the normal cornea where an extra large diameter or larger central space is not necessary. Zen RC has a smaller diameter so that the lens is easier to insert and remove. Also, the central thickness has been reduced especially for this design.

  • Lens diameters 14.80 mm and 15.40 mm for a wide range of applications
  • One type of lens profile
  • Reduced thickness for better oxygen transmission
  • SSmartCurve™ technology: This simplifies fitting so that only the parameter you want to change will be changed and not the other data

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