Medical contact lens

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    3 months

The lens for keratoplastic surgery, irregular corneal and lasik

The Versa contact lens has a flatter central curve on the inside than the peripheral curve. The peripheral curve is similar to a ‘standard’ soft lens of 8.60. With a diameter of 14.50 mm it would fit most eyes, unless cornea topografic or the K-values indicate that the peripheral part is steeper or flatter than normal.

Spherical, Toric

UCO contactlenzen

The outside of the lens has an aspherical optical centre section to correct spherical aberration and a thinner peripheral curve to maximize oxygen permeability on the cornea. When an irregular cornea is detected, a suitable IT factor can be selected to neutralize the irregularity. An IT factor can be ordered in central thickness 1, 2 or 3. In case of residual astigmatism, an diagnostic lens can be ordered.


  • Central part in relation to the peripheral part is to be adjusted
  • Keratoplastic surgery
  • Available in various diameters


  • When a standard soft or rgp lens does not provide a good fit when the central cornea being flatter than the peripheral cornea.
  • Keratoplastic surgery
  • Irregular cornea
  • Lasik

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