Tetra- Flexi TC- Flexi B – Flexi W

Correcting contact lens

  • Use

    12-24 months
    (depending on the chosen material)

Successful contact lens with very favourable effect on the flow of tear fluid

In addition to a spherical optical zone, the Tetra contact lens has two spherical radii which are gradually flattening out in the periphery.

Spherical, Multifocal Prestige, Bifocal, Toric


  • Fluorescein images easy to judge
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to switch to multifocal
  • Also available in edge, front and bi-toric


The gradual increase in space between the cornea and lens surface, has a very favourable effect on the flow of tear fluid behind the contact lens. This effect makes Tetra a valued and successful contact lens. The periphery of the lens is about 1.00 mm wide. The Tetra lens can be used well with a normal tearfilm composition and tear amount.

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