Correcting contact lens

  • Use

    12 – 24 months
    (depending on the selected material)

The approach to the ideal lens shape with better night vision

Retina is the approach to the ideal lens shape. With the right Retina inside and the right Retina outside, a lens is constructed with only an extremely minimal deterioration in strength. To calculate the correct Retina (determined by the cornea), simple lens power formulas are not sufficient. For the Retinal lenses, the correct outer ellipse is therefore determined in a different way.

Multifocal, Monofocal


  • Fits better
  • Less dust sensitivity
  • Better vision, both spherical and multifocal
  • Higher comfort at the end of day
  • Much better night vision
  • Lens has less mechanically movement
  • Less problems from halos
  • For specific corneal fitting


  • The first choice lens
  • In case of intolerance of soft lenses Ideal in preparation for multifocal

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