Medical contact lens

  • Use

    12-24 months
    (depending on the chosen material)

The first contact lens special for keratoconus

The Rose K lens is specifically designed to be easy adjust in the specific arias. The design can be supplied in a spherical, edge-toric, inner-toric or bi-toric variant.

Spherical, Toric, Semi-scleral

The lens is standard made of Boston ES or XO material. The proportions between the optical zone, B.C.R. and lens diameter are standard. The lens is designed to allow good tear ventilation under the lens, with a minimum thickness and a maximum optical zone in order to maintain the maximum optical range at each basic radius curve.


  • Easy and simple to adjust
  • Easy to use thanks to a flexible edge lift system
  • Aspherical aberration correction gives a special vision and fewer halos with thinner lenses (Rose K2, NC, IC, PostGraft and XL).
  • Extensive variation in diameter and radii
  • Fits every cornea shape and stage of the cone due to the unique design that changes as the B.C.R. gets steeper
  • Better fitting possibilities with:
  • Edge toric peripheral radii
  • Distorted cornea technology – ACT
  • Inner, outer and bi-toric structures


  • Rose-K is suitable for irregular cornea.

The Rose-K is available in five variants:

  • Rose K2
  • Rose K2 NC
  • Rose K2 IC
  • Rose K2 PostGraft
  • Rose K2 XL

View the Rose-K product brochure for more specific information per variant.

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