Multifocal | Prestige


  • Use

    12-24 months
    (depending on the selected material)

The multifocal lens with a progressive increase in peripheral power and a large distant area


  • No limitation in parameters.
  • Very well applicable to almost all interior geometries.
  • From the central part a positive power that slowly increases in the beginning so that there is an effective greater area of focus for distant vision.
  • The distance in between, is found by the natural movement of the contact lens without searching, so that vertical head movements are much less necessary.
  • No disruptive reflex images on the edge of the central part because the tested strength does not abruptly change into reading strength, so better night vision.
  • In combination with a variable eccentricity of the inner peripheral, a progressive reading strength is formed at the right place while reading.
  • A normal parallel fit.
  • The Prestige multifocal contact lens is rotation insensitive and therefore does not require an disturbing balance construction or balance risk.


  • For reading complaints


Specification of parameters of existing – or fitting lenses with the addition of the following information.

  • BCR 7.00 – 8.50 per 0.05 ascending
  • Lens diameter 9.00 – 12.00 per 0.10 ascending
  • Addition 0.75 – +3.00 per 0.25 ascending


It is important that the lens comes sufficiently into reading position and that the eyelid pushes the lens up when looking down.

Fitting advice

Specification of parameters of existing (or fitting) lenses with the addition of the following information.

  • Visual acuity – visus
  • Distance – visus
  • Reading – visus
  • Centering
  • High riding
    Low riding
  • Halo’s
  • Stays under the upper eyelid
  • Moves under the under eyelid while reading

(1) Normal eye position

(2) Lower eyelid high position

(3) Lower eyelid low position

(4) Upper eyelid too high position

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